In the beginning…

I was bought a book.

The book was a list.

Lists are made to be followed.

The book is big. The list is big. Following the list would be big.

And so, this blog will be big. In entires, not content mind.


  • what? 1001 albums you must hear before you die, 2005 edition
  • why? See above, lists are made to be followed (and I have a woefully low knowledge of ‘designation as good by other people’ music)
  • how? One at a time..? I’m going to start at the beginning, I might not carry on like that, I might dip into later decades if I get too annoyed. I’m aiming for a minimum of one a week, that will take about 19 years… So I’ll try and do more each week, obviously there’ll be some weeks I do none. Each one will get at least a paragraph, this may be a paragraph of one word though…
  • What about ones I already know? I’m drafting in friends/family to listen to ones I already know. My plan is to get a ‘virgin’ listener, some of my favourite albums are in there, and I’d love to know what others think of those ones.
  • Can I help? YES! I’d quite like multiple reviews/thoughts on albums, if you know me, and use WordPress, I can add you to the writers. If not, you’re welcome to comment
  • Why isn’t my question here??? Cause I’m not a sodding mind reader?? Comment, if it seems like an actual FAQ I’ll add it
  • You tagged that one wrong! – I’ll be adding tags I think fit the genre/etc, justified suggestions are welcomed. Bear in mind I’m an info scientist with ASD, you need to justify them well…

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